Wednesday, June 24, 2009


If you haven't seen Sharkwater the film yet please do so. It's a great film to watch purely for entertainment value ( even my girlfriend liked it) but has a very strong message about shark finning which is a pretty sickening industry. I have different issues with Sea Shepard and some of their tactics but bottom line is that theyare very active and can categoricly state they have saved x amount of whales, sharks, seals etc. Shark finning is such a huge waste and depleting such a precious natural resource. A live shark is worth much more than a dead one from a toursim aspect. It's really horrible watching a shark being definned and then thrown back into the water to drown.

Rob is a great freediver and a very talented camera man. He faced some serious challenges in making this film not just the usual financial but organised crime, corrupt officials and serious medical issues.
Just watch it and then if you do see somewhere serving sharkfin soup boycott it but tell them why.

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