Saturday, July 4, 2009

With something this beautiful why pump it full of shit?

The epa in Ireland is taking notes thank goodness. You can see some of the info here and read the full report. In fairness the new plant in Sligo bay just came on stream so hopefully it will make a big difference but it will take a while. It's hard to believe after ( or because of) all these years of development we still never got this sorted.


  1. Sligo Co. Co. have applied to the EPA for a waste discharge licence to continue polluting the sea with sewerage at mullaghmore. I made a submission on their application, can be viewed on All help to stop this terrible pollution would be much appreciated. Aoife.

  2. Well done Aoife, will forward on to Sligo sub aqua and leitrim and see if Declan would make a submission as a businee that depends on the diving.

  3. Cool Feargus, Thanks A Million.