Monday, September 21, 2009

Freedive photos show.

This is sitting up in the youtube toolbar but thought I'd post it here too. Hope you enjoy some of the photos. have to see about setting up the camera on the surfboard next to record some of my more spectacular spills.

Monday, September 14, 2009

what a weekend

What a great weekend. Got out Saturday and Sunday morning at 8 am and found perfect clean waves and only a few others in the water. Finished both sessions at 9.30 to head off to Tony Butts Oceanography session. Very very informative course which helped with the reading and predictions of swell and weather etc. Couldn't stay for all of the course but made all the morning sessions which were the main ones for me.

Tony's relaxed style suited us all I think and there was plenty of interaction with questions and answers. Once we got into the equations of the energy make up of waves I started wandering but the info was all good. There's an awful lot of stuff in his head just bursting to get out. We didn't even get to touch on tides as most people wanted to get swell prediction down to a fine art. Tides would be another course in itself with all the possible permutations.

I cant even begin to get some of the content down but Coriolis force and wave group progagation were just a few bits of jargon I picked up and now understand. A lot of the theory helps understand how some of the sites like magic seaweed or windguru get their information and assemble their graphs.