Wednesday, June 24, 2009


If you haven't seen Sharkwater the film yet please do so. It's a great film to watch purely for entertainment value ( even my girlfriend liked it) but has a very strong message about shark finning which is a pretty sickening industry. I have different issues with Sea Shepard and some of their tactics but bottom line is that theyare very active and can categoricly state they have saved x amount of whales, sharks, seals etc. Shark finning is such a huge waste and depleting such a precious natural resource. A live shark is worth much more than a dead one from a toursim aspect. It's really horrible watching a shark being definned and then thrown back into the water to drown.

Rob is a great freediver and a very talented camera man. He faced some serious challenges in making this film not just the usual financial but organised crime, corrupt officials and serious medical issues.
Just watch it and then if you do see somewhere serving sharkfin soup boycott it but tell them why.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Surf and dive in Kilkee.

Great weekend just gone by. With friends and family I had a mini stag in Co.Clare surfing at Spanish point and freediving at Kilkee. Some pictures below.
Big shout out to Paul who had a fear of water but took the plunge and came surfing with us. Now he is hooked and wants to learn to swim properly so he can experience more. The smile on his face in picture two says it all. I think this is the only way forward for our Oceans. The more people experiance and appreciate them the more they will stand to protect them but education is the key once they are hooked.

The surf was small but the weather was great on saturday at least. There were only a few others surfing at spanish point where as when I passed through Lahinch I saw hundred's in the water. Had a very chilled dive that evening with great vis and then of course we headed to the pub.

Like Arnie said I'll be back. There is a lot more to see and do but we just did not have the time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 20th International day of surfing

This Saturday is international surfing day and surfrider foundation along with surfingmagazine wants us to catch some waves and pick up some rubbish after the surf.

Ireland seems to be conspicuous by our absense on the international section.
Even if we pick up a few bits each next saturday it should count.

Its my stag night on Saturday and I will be picking up some before the drinking starts.

Pictures may follow depending on how bad they are.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project Kaisei

My fellow tribester and friend David Pu'u recently posted about this project and while it's great to see the work they are doing it's also pretty scary that we let things get this far. Project Kaisei is all about the floating Island of plastic in the pacific. I know the Atlantic has its share of plastic too but it's not all gathering in one place due to the different currents at play in the Pacific. We need to help our Oceans and that starts at home too. So check out the site:Project Kaisei
and next time there's a beach clean up participate or why wait till then just pick some up and be seen to do it. Try and spread the word as much as you can and donate if you can.