Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing with the Jellies

Jellyfish are cool creatures despite the stings. I always find them mesmerising to watch their slow pulsating swim, usually on a dive you may spot one or two but on this day they were all over the place. It made for an awkward kind of diving.

When freediving the best technique is to keep your head prone or tucked down towards you chest both in the descent and the ascent to help with equalising and hydrodynamics. If you need to avoid the stinging tentacles you obviously need to look up and around you. Myself and my brother Sean found these guys in relitivly poor visibility but on a susequent dive they were all gone none to be seen. So often this happens that a swarm may be seen due to ideal conditions then the conditions change and the jellies move off again en masse. All of the pictures are from Thumb rock in Mullaghmore. The previous weekend I had great watertime.

Went to Streedagh for a surf but there was no swell there so went for a dive in Mullaghmore instead where the pollock were in good numbers and the vis giving that eerie spooky feeling you sometimes get diving in Irish waters. That same afternoon went back to Steedagh with my daughter and the swell had picked up and the wind died down leaving some nice catchable waves. Caught my longest ride so far that day on the Pink lady.