Monday, June 22, 2009

Surf and dive in Kilkee.

Great weekend just gone by. With friends and family I had a mini stag in Co.Clare surfing at Spanish point and freediving at Kilkee. Some pictures below.
Big shout out to Paul who had a fear of water but took the plunge and came surfing with us. Now he is hooked and wants to learn to swim properly so he can experience more. The smile on his face in picture two says it all. I think this is the only way forward for our Oceans. The more people experiance and appreciate them the more they will stand to protect them but education is the key once they are hooked.

The surf was small but the weather was great on saturday at least. There were only a few others surfing at spanish point where as when I passed through Lahinch I saw hundred's in the water. Had a very chilled dive that evening with great vis and then of course we headed to the pub.

Like Arnie said I'll be back. There is a lot more to see and do but we just did not have the time.

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