Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First dive on the line in 2010

Last weekend Philipe, my brother Sean and yours truly finally got down to business freediving on the line. Up to now all forays into the blue have just been for pleasure, now it was time to do a bit of deep training. On Sunday morning last we hopped in the boat at 10am and headed out towards Thumb rock.
After anchoring the boat we dropped our line down into about 18m and started our dives. The vis was excellent and you could easily see the surface from the bottom which is pretty unheard of in Irish waters. If the water was warmer we could have been in the Med.
The day before I was diving and drifting with the incoming tide and got a few shots from the camera. The fish life is definitly coming back into the shallower water now. Some pollock and wrasse and of course the millions of sand eels that glitter and glisten in the sun. Magic.

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