Monday, March 1, 2010

First 2010 splash

Well on Sunday I got my first dive of 2010. I cant tell you the depths as my D4 is still away being fixed with Suunto but I guess it was around 8-10m max. Pretty easy dives but very cold on my fingers despite the gloves. The vis was an excellent 6-7m which I have not seen in a long long time and was helped by the sun shining down.
I made my way out to Thumb rock the top of which was actually showing it's kelp fronds due to the very low tide. There were no other divers which I was surprised at although the chilly 8C water may have put them off.there was one fishing boat not far off but they must have been checking pots or bouys as they hardly moved while I was there. I only saw two what I think were Pollock out there and they were deeper than I was so not sure what size they were but not very big in any case.

On the way back in at around 3m depth I was surrounded by a huge school of what I think were juvenille Pollock as they were the same shape colour etc. There were literally thousands as far as the eye could see in all directions. I lay in the kelp holding on to keep myself submerged as I was weighted pretty light and they were all around me glistening and shimmering in the sunlight. A brilliant finish to an ordinary dive despite the vis.
Of course I should have had the camera but had left it behind as this was more of a test dive to see if all was ok and make sure I still knew how to hold my breath.

I got a new product from Sven in the states called "suitslip" and tried it out on this dive. In essence instead of the usual hair conditioner and water that I bring you mix this before you go and has its own sprayer. Only needs a few squirts and your good to go. The best thing is there are no harsh chemicals in it so it's kind to the skin and it's pretty foolproof to get the ideal mix ratio as Sven has a marker on the bottle to fill up to so it's simple enough even for me. Over the years I think the conditioner has been affecting me as my thighs etc are prone to irritation where they weren't before. You can see more here but I can see myself ordering more of this in the future.

As I said I had no camera with me this time but heres a pic from before.

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